Brief Curriculum

/// Demetrio Portugal

Cultural Manager and curator, researches about new cultural expressions that relates to creative arrangements, collective production and innovation – wether in contemporary art, art media or business models.

Experienced in strategic planning, network management, and creative projects implementation such as Networks, Festivals, Cultural Centers, Exhibitions and Events, with large and medium scales.

Currently works closely with consultancy developing governmental / institutional / community interfaces, public policies, business plans and content projects related to art, technology and innovation – applied also to educational and social change purposes.

In curations, likes to explore the “Contextual Art” concept where the contemporary artistic expressions meets special potentialities by interacting with environment through high and lo-tech manners. A more organic point of view that correlates networks, transmedia, viral, hacking and interventive surprise effect with the biological phenomenas of infection, resistance, crossing, and so on.



/ / ALT[av]  Network _ toward the debate of public policies and strategies for promoting the development of experimental audiovisual production scene in Brasil. (founding member)

/ / SCREEN Festival of video art and technology. Director of the first Brazilian edition and member of the Steering Group Brazil. With 10 years in Barcelona (200 thousand visitors / editing), the festival also serves 16 cities in the northern hemisphere and represents a vast network of artists, cultural centers, galleries, educational institution / research, international artist residencies and etc..

/ / GFA – Biannual of Graffiti Fine Art – SP. Consultancy for strategic planning for development.

/ / MatilhaCultural cultural manager during the conceptualization and first year of operation. Program director, curator and cultural manager from 2008 to 2013. Cinema, Visual Arts, Concerts and workshops in a cultural center dedicated to the keywords related to the voice of the streets, the environment and animal rights.



/ / Expressions from Revolution: about art and the revolutionary movement in Egypt and Tunisia. carried out in São Paulo (2011) and Porto Alegre (2012). Multimedia Exhibition + international guests. Production and Curation

/ / Ngô Meitiré — Agua, Valiosa Água. Water, Water valuable (Brazil and Mexco 2012), addresses the issue of human, geopolitical and social value of water in Brazil. Multimedia Art Exhibition + expedition to the Upper Xingu. Production and Curatorship.

/ / Zona de Poesia árida (2011): Urban Intervention and the gentrification process in SP. 10-year retrospective of 19 art collectives SP. In 2013, a fragment of this expo attend opening of SEA (Art Museum of Rio). Producer and organizer.

/ / Caligrafia Maudita (2010): Billed as the first exhibition addressing the “pixação” as an urban manifestation and social abyss questioning in SP. Production and Curatorship.

/ / Festival Setembro Verde: Annual exhibition on environment since 2009 Curation and production..

/ / Trancoso Festival of Cinema: Curator of the 2011 edition.



/ / Redesearte Paz meeting of 9 Latin American cultural centers. Focused on the theme of art and social change.

/ / EcoAção Cultural _ Network steering group member: platform focused on culture and sustainability in SP involving Goethe Institute, Sao Paulo Cultural Center, the Cultural Center Denmark among others. (foundor member)

/ / Vivamérica Festival that involves a network of 16 Ibero-American cultural centers.



/ / Innovation and Entrepreneurship : Free Movements and Culture Network – Paraupebas – Para: 10pm Taught workshop for articulation and knowledge exchange with key local cultural actors.

/ / Mexico Aguas Calientes (2012): Laboratory of Coordination with local cultural actors at the invitation of the city government. _ Objective: strengthening local artistic production through the creation of public policies that use culture as a means of rebuilding the social fabric and reducing violence

/ / Mediator for the Closing debate of 1st International Biennial of Graffiti – Theme: Graffiti and History. Table with Chandra Morrison, Walter Nomura, Celso Gitahy among others.



/ /, one of the first multimedia on music and cultural sites in Brazil. Director of content and executive (2002-2007).