Forest Zone – Permanent Ambiental Lab


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Forest Zone (‘Zona da Mata’ in portuguese) is an environmental intervention project at a 780m2 Goethe Institut backyard green urban area. The goal is to use it as a test tube for those artistic and cultural manifestations that rely on permacultural, environmentwise, maker, activist, nature connected expressions that explore the urban transformation by new practices and green common areas preservation / occupation / cultivation.

The program is based on several meetings, workshops and seminar inside and also far outside this São Paulo Center Test Tube, gathering a unique diversity of artists, philosophers and also audience.

This project is a partnership among, Ateliê Mata Adentro, and Goethe Institut, and count with a crew formed by Demétrio Portugal, Rodrigo Bueno, Todd Lester, Joel Borges, Carol Ramos, Tatjana Lorenz, Raphael Daibert, and Gian Spina.