Caligrafia Maudita – 20 years of Pixação in SP


Pixo_qui22a-1Demetrio Portugal has facilitated the building and curatorial process for this exhibition in a way to maintain the collective and non-hierarchical Pixadores form of organization. He also has mediated around three debates about the them with large presence of the crews of Pixadores and the general public.



Known as one of the first exhibition made about Pixação, name given to a urban graffiti expression typical from São Paulo. The exhibition brought up the social dynamics of their “crews” and look towards this manifestation also as an indices of social abyss.

The pixação intervention reaches its goals also while unaccepted and not understood by the general public, once this artistic manifestation is the most tough and aggressive that happens in the São Paulo streets. In essence, it deals with the private property destruction as part of its aesthetics, a fight back bottle massage written on walls that pass through car armored glasses, and shouts how much alive a human being can be despite the poverty, the lack of social attention and a perspectiveless life.

The elements we brought to the public recalls 20 years of a scene of this expression, composing the exhibition there were crews party invitations and posters designs, priceless collections of signatures exchanged by them on sheets of paper, pixação sticker albums, videos, fotos, and movies. There was also a debate program and some contextualizing artistic elements that reveals the complexity of its social organization and intervention methods. Reveling Pixação as a way of life, and also a tough game to defy a megalopolis, and the segregation/invisibility it brings to their citizens. 

Historical Pixação Signature Book.

Historical Pixação Signature Book

This exhibition still distinguishes itself from the others about this theme since it brought together, at the same room, the Pixação fouders groups from the five regions of São Paulo. While making this show, rase up the understanding that Pixação is much more a phenomena from the Urbe (the city as a living being), then a movement or simply a aesthetic intervention made by many in a non hierarchical way.

Chomic made by Paulo Ito about Pixação intervention

Chomic story made by Paulo Ito about Pixação intervention, lately intervened by the audience.

Among hundreds of thousands participants, Pixação is an extreme form of art with a large mortality among their participants due to gang fights, conflicts with the police, building falls, and etc.


The great legitimacy for this show came by the scene itself that, in the place of the usual aggressiveness and destructive intervention, asks to participate and write on the walls in aesthetic accordance and reverence to the exhibition. “I’m grateful to have honored this contemporary expression in this way.” Says Demétrio.

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By Jared Levy

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