Ng么 Meitire (Water, Valuable Water)

Map showing the future fluding and dry out areas.

Map showing the future fluding and dry out areas.

With pictures, drawings, videos, sounds, films, and debates, as well as an expedition of four artists to the Amazon, this project aimed to use cultural content to address the main social, ecological, and state model issues that are in conflict in the heart of the Amazon watershed, within the construction of Belo Monte, the biggest dam system ever built in a rainforest.

The multimedia artistic content was curated in a way that enabled the audience to understand the contrasts and nuances of what is happening in deep Brazil, under the silence of international media. A multibillionaire investment is aiming for a future that essentially refuses to deal with the ecosystem and the indigenous rights issues with clarity, possibly without measuring the consequences properly.

Ng么 Meitir茅 (“Water, Valuable Water” translated from Tupi-Guarani, a typical indigenous language from Amazonia) was a project that took place in partnership with Redesearte Paz (an Ibero-American cultural agents network) in 2012 and was part of a joint project among five countries that aimed for collaborative and social development through cultural processes.

Publication: Redesearte Paz

Film: Belo Monte, An煤ncio de uma Guerra


IMG_9750 During the Art Expedition to Xingu The Making of the Show