ALTav : Expanded Audiovisual Network

/// 2015 PROJECTS

Mission to Loop Festival Barcelona :: Exhibition, Booklounch and Debate

LOOP Exhibition itineracy in São Paulo no CCSP

Palco VJ – 3 stages, 25 VJs, 24 non stop hours at Virada Cultural SP

Demetrio has been a part of the network activation core since its creation, with the goal of fostering creativity in art experiments and exploring new integrated art forms and business models as a way to strengthen Brazilian cultural presence worldwide.

ALTav is a network created to promote discussion on public policies and foster the development of the Expanded Audiovisual scene in its collectivity. In this way, we also operate as a representation group for this segment by the government and institutions if necessary. Today, we have over 120 Brazilian members, including artists, curators, and cultural managers, who are active in São Paulo and around the world.

One of ALTav’s guidelines is the structuring of a platform for experimental audiovisual art dissemination within cultural venues and events, promoting production and innovation. This includes art expressions directly linked to new technologies and language research, thus working with what is most innovative to produce a Brazilian aesthetic with the quality to compete in the vast territory of new media.

The Expanded Audiovisual embraces contemporary artistic languages that are a cross between video art, visual music, live theater, art and technology, and it dialogues with pop music circuits, dance, performance, and experimental theater beyond the search for new platforms and media formats.

MIRANTE – ALTav na Oca
(6 Live VJ performances / 3h – 60 videos program from the network)