naOrelha was the first multimedia web magazine about Brazilian music and was a pioneer in multimedia navigation experience, design, and content format. It was also a reference for understanding the music scene of the 21st century.

In 2002, the NaOrelha project was launched in São Paulo with the goal of understanding the transformation that was happening in music worldwide and its effects on a new scene that was just beginning to emerge in Brazil.

The transformation was driven by the internet, technology, and new business models, and the medium chosen to capture this was sound, video, images, and text, all flowing around even through telephone connections.

Within two years, the website was invited to join UOL, the largest portal in Brazil. It had 75,000 monthly unique visitors, 25 collaborators, and around 850 minutes of multimedia content available to the public for free.

The web magazine featured interviews and articles about the impact of technology on the music industry, collective production, remote work, the reorganization of the music industry, the cheapening of music production, new business models, perspectives on intellectual property and work, and of course, music and its history in Brazil.